March 9, 2023

Hosts availing My Virtual Cohost Services (MVC) for their short term rentals

by Alices Home
My virtual cohost x Alices home

Hosts availing My Virtual Cohost Services (MVC) for their short term rentals

Alices Home
March 9, 2023
My virtual cohost x Alices home

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Owning a short-term rental is more than welcoming a family to stay, and collecting payment. Airbnb hosts soon find there is a lot more to be done. They discover they are best working together with a virtual cohost to get the rest of the admin done.

Virtual Cohost STR - Alices home

Importance of property cohost

The most interesting and enjoyable part of investing in a STR is meeting people from around the world.  Unfortunately, there is a lot more to do with organizing an AirBnB listing and each of these tasks directly affects your ratings. 

Was the listing accurate with listing features and benefits?

Was the property clean, the amenities safe, and the home pleasant to stay in? 

It is important to remember that not all guests will have the same expectations as you. In other words, they may expect simple assistance and amenities you may not have thought of providing.

Virtual Cohost STR Virtual Assistant- Alices home

This is why it can be useful to work with a virtual assistant or property management especially catered for short term property. They know the professional safety and cleanliness standards.

AirBnB Hosts Choosing My Virtual Cohost (MVC)

My Virtual Cohost (MVC) is one such company. The necessary admin is all taken care of, bookings made, and ratings taken care of.

Stats have shown* that Airbnb bookings are up nationally almost 20% more nights booked than the same time last year. Tougher inflation will encourage Australian families to seek more affordable holiday accommodation, rather than more traditional hotel rooms.

MVC My virtual Cohost Chart

Airbnb offers accommodation for all budgets in any location – so families can still enjoy a holiday even in tougher climates.

Not only is MVC saving AirBnb hosts time and energy, but also up to 70% in costs. 

“Australian data was calculated by AirDNA, the world’s most prominent resource for vacation rental research, and released exclusively to My Virtual Cohost.

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