Airbnb Property Management

Property Maintenance

It can be challenging to let guests stay on your property; it’s normal to worry about what might go wrong.

To ensures that there will be no problems for the guests during their stay, our skilled team handles all property maintenance, including thorough inspections after each stay. We also conduct a thorough inspection before adding your property to Alice’s Home portfolio.

Our top priority is to maintain your property in good shape so that your guests can have the best experience possible. Inspections between check-ins are necessary to ensure that our properties meet Alice’s Home standards.

Man fixing room door

All properties experience various problems from time to time, and if they are not resolved right away, guests may have a negative experience. At Alice’s Home, we identify problems both before and after guests arrive. Property owners will receive detailed reports detailing the status of their property maintenance services.

It is critical to resolve issues quickly in order to provide a positive guest experience. As a result, we have a local maintenance partner in each area where we operate. If something goes wrong, assistance is always available.

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We are excited to announce that we are currently looking for local business partners, specifically housekeeping teams and handymen