September 21, 2023

The Economic opportunities of hosting Airbnb in Australia

by Alices Home
The Economic opportunities of hosting Airbnb in Australia-Traveling and expenses

The Economic opportunities of hosting Airbnb in Australia

Alices Home
September 21, 2023
The Economic opportunities of hosting Airbnb in Australia-Traveling and expenses

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Introduction – Why Airbnb?

There are many enticing reasons to take the leap and become an Airbnb host: you may have an existing granny flat on your property you decide to rent out to guests and make some good money, rather than it sitting empty.

Or you may purchase an investment property purely with the purpose of short-term rentals, rather than long-term tenants.

Airbnb hosts talk about the incredible experiences and interactions they have with the guests in their property, sharing the secret joys of their city and forging connections they otherwise would never have enjoyed.

Many hosts can boost their income, travel and pay off their own expenses at the same time, and even create a business existing purely of investment property serviced by Airbnb guests.

All hosts have different reasons for taking this lucrative, exciting path – sometimes even a combination of reasons. What might yours be?

Meeting new people, sharing your community

The first thing to spark your interest in becoming a host may be the fact you can meet a range of different people from various cultures, all keen to be in your corner of the world for one reason or another.  Traveling, vacations, work, or study.

If you happen to be located in a sought-after part of your city, with a spare granny flat on your property, you may consider sharing the outlook or location with a tourist.  You can offer a reasonably priced, quiet place to stay, conveniently located close to the places they want to explore.

Imagine an interesting conversation sharing your tips and ideas for discovering your home city. You may also receive a glimpse into a different world (theirs). Then at the end of the stay, you are rewarded with extra pocket money to put toward your own travels, a hobby, renovations, or simply the cost of living.

Travel and pay off your own expenses

When most people travel, they don’t earn money at the same time. If you also have an investment property, you do.  A professional property manager will organise your property investment so that you don’t need to be physically present for your guests to arrive, stay and leave. This means you keep receiving income to pay off your own expenses whilst you travel.

Create a business with investment property serviced by Airbnb guests

Other hosts own a few investment properties which are paid off by the guests who stay there. The investment properties are in sought-after locations, and guests appreciate they can stay somewhere not as crowded with other tourists but close to the landmarks.

The Economic opportunities of hosting Airbnb in Australia

These investment properties will often support the retirement lifestyle of the host.

Tips for Becoming an Airbnb Host:

Hosting guests from all over the world can be an enriching experience, as you learn more about others, yourself and your own city!  At the same time, it can be an entirely lucrative business with an incredible support network.

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