October 27, 2023

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR – part 1

by Alices Home
Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR – part 1

Alices Home
October 27, 2023
Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR

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The Airbnb and STR industry is currently moving forward in an exciting phase of growth. More people are confident to travel abroad and interstate again as COVID restrictions and fear subside.  Also, people once again seek the more interesting locations and properties that STR can provide, rather than the clinical cleanliness of hotel accommodation during COVID.

In addition, the current cost of living and tightened budgets mean travellers are seeking a more cost-effective vacation experience.

Importance of Effective Marketing Tactics

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR

The economy is bringing competition to the STR industry. More properties are entering the Airbnb platform daily, making smart marketing tactics crucial.  

It is apparent you will no longer attract guests by simply “being there.”  Actively sharing the attractiveness and availability of your property is now crucial. You can no longer rely only on the Airbnb platform to do the sales work for you.

Target Audience and Guest Personas

Not every STR is going to suit every guest. As hosts you will be intuitively aware of this. However, this goes beyond your location and the number of beds. Just as there is little point allowing your home to be visible to people looking for STR properties on the other side of the world, the same applies to people who are looking for different features and reasons for travel.

You will be aware whether your property is best suited to singles or families with children, to holiday-makers wanting to walk to the beach, or people travelling for work.  As with literally everything else that is sold, from clothing to food to insurance, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of your ideal guest.

Content Marketing for STR

STR directories are not the only place you can market your property. With so much competition, that tactic is no longer enough. Just like for yourself, you can create a social media content plan for your property.

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- Content Marketing

Your options are Facebook, Instagram, blogging and a website. You don’t need to commit to all of them, just select one or two and then work on it regularly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” In simple terms, SEO means the process of increasing visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines whenever people search for your STR property and its specific features. 

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- SEO

In other words, if someone enters the words “STR property, Gold Coast, beach views, couple, no kids” SEO determines your property is displayed to them. However, SEO doesn’t know that by magic. It can only find it out if you have included these words on your own website, directory listing or social media content.

SEO prefers fresh content (so it knows you are still in business), maps, videos, testimonials and reviews, keyword usage, and traffic. The more people who look at your site, the more trusted you become, and are displayed higher each time.

Leveraging online booking platforms

Most hosts and owners of an STR property understand they can leverage platforms like Airbnb and VRBO to promote their listings. You don’t need to do it yourself.

That is effectively what they are there for. They provide great content providing information on how you can create the most effective listing on their platform. Remember, if you succeed, they do too!

Social Media Marketing

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- Social Media Marketing

Creating a Facebook page or Instagram profile is a great way to share content from your property and gather followers. You can share interesting images and video content about your property and the location.

This is also a great place to post updates such as renovation advice or special offers for  social media followers.

Email Marketing Strategies

You will have noticed that almost every company you do business with, or even just enquire, is always keen to collect your email address. The reason is so that they can communicate with you in the future. This is how businesses promote new or existing items or services with you. Savvy businesses realise you will ‘unsubscribe’ if the email only contains “boring” sales information.

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- Email Marketing

As the host of an STR, you too should collect email addresses. It’s mostly possible to do so with guests who have visited, rather than just enquired. Now that you have a database of email addresses, ensure you too communicate with them regularly. Share interesting articles about your location, photos of your property, and offers for returning guests, when your calendar is looking quiet.

The next article will contain more useful effective marketing strategies for savvy STR hosts.

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