October 16, 2023

Benefits of STR property management with its own listing platform

by Alices Home
Benefits of STR property management with its own listing platform

Benefits of STR property management with its own listing platform

Alices Home
October 16, 2023
Benefits of STR property management with its own listing platform

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Owners of short-term rental property are often interested to learn that Airbnb isn’t the only listing platform.  Whilst it may be the broadest and contain a wide selection of STR in destinations all over the globe, a professional property management agency will dominate the short-term properties in your location.

Engaging a professional property management agency, such as Alice’s Home, has more benefits than you may initially perceive. The agency will manage important tasks such as:

Importantly, Alice’s Home offers an additional feature: a listing platform.

Book a short term rental - listing platform

Additionally, it offers innovative professional marketing strategies to clients to ensure your STR stands out to guests who are searching for a property like yours.  Alice’s Home understands why guests want to rent short-term in your particular area (because this is where they specialise, as opposed to everywhere in the world like Airbnb).

Therefore, Alice’s Home markets your STR specifically to people looking in this geographical area.

Advantages for your property management's listing platform

There are other advantages to your STR property management agency having its own listing platform.

• More control over your STR (Short-term rental)

Airbnb dictates its own requirements and regulations that you, as a lister, need to adhere to. However, when you have your own listing platform, the tables have turned.  Together with your property manager, you can determine what to charge (ensuring your business turns a profit but your STR is still competitive.) You no longer feel you need to stay in line with hundreds of other (possibly irrelevant) Airbnb properties.

In addition, since your property manager is accepting guest enquiries and bookings on your behalf, you won’t feel the pressure of accepting them all, as with Airbnb.  At the start, you can discuss your ideal guest and those are the only guests who stay in your property, rather than anyone and everyone.

• Listing platform means a deep understanding of STR industry

If your property manager has its own listing platform, this means it’s likely to have a deep understanding of the STR industry. These are the people you want on your team. They will advise you of any council regulatory changes, or even the details you may not necessarily instantly consider.

A deep understanding also usually means a deep passion. A property manager with a deep passion wants to help you regardless of your STR objectives. They will take the time to determine what yours are, and help you achieve them.  Simply placing your property on Airbnb won’t get you there; you need a plan. As with any other investment, STR property needs a strategic plan and your professional property manager has all the stats and details for STR in your area – including the specific plan to achieve your goals.

• "One stop shop" means you save time and hassle

Entrusting your STR to a professional property manager like Alice’s Home for the management of your investment is one part of the plan. However, if you still have to list it on Airbnb beforehand, it seems like a lot of wasted time and energy.  It makes sense to just leave the listing and accepting enquiries all to the property manager.

Laptop and mobile with Alice's Home Listing Page - Listing Platform

The better listing platform for your STR

Whilst Airbnb may seem like a more useful listing platform, given it is larger and attracts more views, a specific listing platform for your geographical area is actually more beneficial. Managed by a professional, like your property manager, you don’t need to worry about what to write and how to present your STR.

In addition, your property manager will organise the enquiries, as well as organise the bookings, on your behalf. This saves you time and angst by listing on a public platform like Airbnb.

Your professional property manager understands the area, and other STR properties available. They know your objectives and will work to achieve them for you. It’s a relief knowing that the price and guests they accept (or don’t) on your behalf are all in your favour.

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