February 7, 2023

The Increasing Demand for Short-term Rental Properties in Brisbane

by Alices Home
The Increasing demand of short term rentals in Brisbane

The Increasing Demand for Short-term Rental Properties in Brisbane

Alices Home
February 7, 2023
The Increasing demand of short term rentals in Brisbane

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Property investors can now enjoy greater opportunities supported by Airbnb rental property management (Brisbane)

More visitors to Brisbane are choosing to spend their stay in a short-term rental property, such as an Airbnb property, instead of a traditional hotel, introducing the need for a new specialised service – Airbnb rental property management (Brisbane).

Short-term rental property offers a great number of advantages over hotels. The type varies: from an apartment to a cabin, to a yurt, or even a boat. You can find many loaded with character, rather than the standard look and feel of hotel rooms. Guests are offered tons of other benefits.

Here are some shared by seasoned Airbnb travelers

1. Airbnb properties usually offer more space for the same price

Increasing demand of short term rentals in brisbane - More Space

Short-term rental properties are usually much better equipped than hotel apartments.  A variety of amenities can include kitchens, swimming pools, (free) parking, appliances like washing machines, bicycles, books and board games and even kayaks.

Hotels, on the other hand, typically only offer accommodation and a Bible.

2. Experience the local vibe. Plus, the owners are usually locals and happy to provide better local info to travellers

Whilst hotels are usually only offered in “tourist strips,” Airbnb properties themselves are offered absolutely anywhere. This usually allows the traveller a greater “vibe” of the local area and the opportunity to mix with locals, rather than with other tourists. Hotels will offer you brochures to the local tourist attractions.

Airbnb owners will share advice where to eat, drink and the beach the locals go to.  Many tourists appreciate the opportunity to eat in the restaurants the locals frequent, and the tips and tricks that are known locally about this destination. Find out exactly what is special about the location you have decided to visit.

3. Usually Airbnb and short-term rental properties cost less than traditional hotels

Usually, short-term rental properties cost less than hotels in comparable locations and of similar quality.  You can expect more amenities and more space in the same city or town, for your budget, if you decide to go with a short-term rental property.

4. Choose on real customer reviews versus their marketing content

It’s hard to figure out the truth about the quality of the accommodation based on the marketing content alone.  This is where the customer reviews available on Airbnb come in handy.  Get a good idea about the quality of the accommodation type. Also find out if past guests had a good time. 

Hotels will only provide their own marketing content and photos to offer biased information. Then you find out the truth once you have already spent your money and it’s too late.

An increasing demand for travellers to choose short-term rental properties in Brisbane provides a great opportunity for investors of suitable Airbnb-type property accommodation to provide it as tourist accommodation.

Listing the property for rent, selecting a market-acceptable rate, organizing maintenance and safety aspects, as well as expectations of quality control are items for an experienced Airbnb property management (Brisbane) team to take care of.

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