July 5, 2023

Laws for Property Management in Brisbane

by Alices Home
Laws for Property Management in Brisbane

Laws for Property Management in Brisbane

Alices Home
July 5, 2023
Laws for Property Management in Brisbane

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Property Management Laws differ according to where in the country and world you are located.  Laws change over time and according to the particular situation at hand.

Penalties for not abiding by Property Management Laws can be considerable, and ignorance is no excuse.

One especially important function of professional Property Managers is to be across the latest laws in their state. Property owners here in Brisbane are advised to consider whether to manage the property themselves or put it in the hands of someone knowledgeable and able to conduct the business of managing their property lawfully and expertly.

Brisbane Property Management Laws (as per the Residential Tenancies Authority – RTA)

At the Start of the Tenancy

The first law within the relationship of the Owner and the Tenant involves the request of a bond. The purpose of the bond is generally to protect damage to the property during the tenancy and the maximum bond is four weeks rent.

Other Brisbane Laws cover the payment of rent. The tenancy agreement must state the amount of rent, and when it is to be paid. The method of payment (e.g. direct deposit) and the place of payment should also be included.

The property manager/owner cannot use the rent for any other purpose (e.g. to cover the cost of damage or repairs); it is an offense to do so.

Entry Condition Report

At times during the tenancy, the property will need to be entered by the Property Manager or another person at the request of the Property Manager for a specific reason. The reason could be the quarterly inspection.

An Entry Condition Report needs to be sent to the tenant ahead of the required entry. It states the reason for entry and what the tenant can do if they dispute the requested entry. The tenant must sign and return the report before a specific deadline. The property manager/owner must send a copy of the signed and completed report back to the tenant within 14 days.

Quiet Enjoyment

Tenants in Brisbane are entitled to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy, and must be able to make full use of the property.

Therefore, it is an offense for a property owner to interfere with the tenant and their peace and privacy.  For example, arriving unannounced or making last-minute requests of the tenants would break this particular Brisbane law. Another example would be the owner using a part of the property for storage of personal property.

Repairs During Tenancy

The property manager/owner is responsible for ensuring Brisbane properties are fit to live in and in a good state of repair. The tenant must notify them of any repairs needed.

If a tenant, or their guest, damages the property, then they may have to pay for repairs.

Routine wear and tear are inevitable, and can be reported either by the Property Manager during a routine inspection, or by the tenant at other times. A Property Manager will collect quotes to present to the owner before the work is requested. Again, a formal notice will be provided to the tenant to advise the date and time that the tradesperson will require access to complete repairs.

The property manager/owner must carry out repairs within a reasonable time and comply with the entry rules. 

If there are any delays with repairs, the RTA recommends property managers/owners inform the tenant and keep the lines of communication open until the repair is finalised.

On the other hand, if a repair request by the Brisbane tenant to the Property Manager does not result in the repair, the tenant should then report it to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).

Events that Impact the Agreement

Good communication between the Brisbane property owner/property manager and tenant is encouraged for a successful relationship.

There are some instances that may affect the original tenancy agreement. These include:

These are just some situations that are covered by Brisbane Property Management Laws. For full and complete knowledge of the Property Management Laws enforced by the RTA, it is best to contact a Property Management organisation whose essential function is to be knowledgeable about every Law in each circumstance. Not only are they well-informed and experienced in all aspects of the Law, but they will also be able to apply them in a timely way.

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