September 28, 2023

How to build long lasting relationships with Airbnb Guests

by Alices Home

How to build long lasting relationships with Airbnb Guests

Alices Home
September 28, 2023

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The relationship between Airbnb guests and Airbnb hosts is often one of the most important factors in the entire transaction. It can determine whether guests choose to stay at your property again, as well as your rating on the platform.

As hosts, you may not have a lot of influence over your location, or even your pricing. However you have complete control over the connection you build with your guests.

The Start of the Connection – before they arrive

The relationship with your guests starts before they even step foot in your property.  In fact, it may even start before any money has exchanged hands. If the guest reaches out to you because they have an enquiry about your property or its location, this is the best opportunity to show them what warm, generous hosts you are. 

Respond kindly with all the information they require, asking if you can help further. You may also wish to briefly share additional information about yourself, your property or what you can offer them, should they come stay.

If you are unsure about your communication style, have a look online for various tips and ideas. It is understandable you are also wary about protecting your personal information.

There is indeed a way to communicate where your private details remain safe, such as using the recommended messaging tools.

The “real” Start of the Connection – upon arrival

Regardless of how physically available you are as an Airbnb host, you can still build a desirable relationship with your guest.

Firstly, a warm welcome can be made a number of ways, and you may even find a unique welcome of your own. Be aware of when your guest is due to arrive, and allow them easy access at that time.  If your property is tricky to find, give them details via email when they book. Advise who might be available to greet them and how they might enter.

How to build long lasting relationships with Airbnb Guests - Guest Arrival

There is nothing worse for a guest than a confusing start to your stay, wandering around in circles trying to find an open entrance. Remember your guest may be tired and not in the mood to spend extra time guessing how they might find and access your property.

If you are physically available, greet them and show interest when they give you details about their trip.  It is advisable to keep it brief so they can relax and unwind/unpack after their travels.

Small gifts/conveniences inside the accommodation can foster the connection too.  A small gift basket with tea, coffee and perhaps some fruit is a generous welcome for them. Ensuring you have a pleasant smell to welcome them, such as diffusers with slender reeds wicking fragrant oils from a glass or bottle will provide a consistent aroma of your choice.

It is important to be clear about your rules and expectations at this time (if you haven’t already.) If you aren’t there in person to do so, ensure you leave communication at a place easily accessible within the property or via the messaging service.

During the Guests’ Stay

Forming a relationship with your Airbnb guests is good etiquette and will likely also improve your rating on the platform.

Be accommodating of guest requests where possible because going that extra mile is memorable. They may have made a request before arrival, or during their stay. If its possible to assist your guests, by all means do so. A request may be as simple as enquiries regarding the best way into town or something special about the stay itself like extras bedding or linen.

If you aren’t physically available on the property during their stay, make use of messaging services to communicate back and forth. Airbnb suggests good, secure platforms and tools you can use.

Remember its important not to disturb your guests during their stay. Advise them how you can be contacted should they need you and then don’t show up unannounced. Let them enjoy the property they have paid for in peace – this is what they expect.

Once your Guests Leave

How to build long lasting relationships with Airbnb Guests - Guest leaving

It is good practise to stay in contact with your guests after they leave. You may even like to make special offers to ‘returning guests’ when you notice you have some downtime in your calendar.

Conclusion – an expanding connection

Forming a great relationship with guests is a fantastic way to ensure repeat business and improve your rating on the platform. Just remember not to pester future and past guests with too many messages, and make sure they are useful and interesting.

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