March 30, 2023

How does professional photography help your Airbnb STR

by Alices Home
Professional Photography - Alices Home- Photographer Male

How does professional photography help your Airbnb STR

Alices Home
March 30, 2023
Professional Photography - Alices Home- Photographer Male

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Savvy Airbnb hosts choose to make the investment for Airbnb Professional Photography. They understand that attractive photography makes all the difference between whether or not someone will book your property.

Professional photographers for real estate take photos of your property for marketing purposes. They use their equipment, skills, and expertise to capture the best shots of the property. They help hosts make the listing stand out and attract potential guests faster.

Professional Photography - Alices Home- Room

Almost everyone has the capability of taking their own photos, and don’t necessarily need to hire a professional. However, the benefits of Short-Term Rental Photography far outweigh the cost.

Benefits of Professional Photography for your STR

1. You can rent your property for more

Yes, that’s crazy but true. Statistics show it to be true – homes with professional photography will sell or rent for more than homes without. Adding drone and twilight images to your property may not even cost as much as you may think but these shots are equated with high-end luxury listings.

2. You will receive more applications

Because the home will stand out, you can expect to receive more applications for rent in total. This means your property will stand empty fewer months a year than homes without great photography.

3. Your home will rent faster each time its vacant

You can expect your property to rent faster each time it is vacant because it stands out and appears more attractive. More people will click on listings with photography than those without, and then make choices toward the photography that brings the home to life.

4. You will stand out as a host

Not only will your property stand out, but you will too. The fact you have put time and effort into your listing shows you have a more professional demeanour. Guests will be pleased to work with hosts who are more professional because it shows the property itself will be well maintained and their needs will be catered to.

5. You save time and effort trying to capture your home in its best light

Its difficult knowing how to photograph your home to render it attractive to guests if you are not a professional. 

What angles and lighting are best?

Should you take a photograph of the front of the house or the amenities?

What about the outdoors area or the view?

These are reasonable questions hosts consider when asked to load pictures of their home. If you hire a professional photographer, you can concern yourself with other important matters.

STR Photography makes sense if your rental can deliver better results as a result. These photographs are the first impression you create on potential guests and first impressions mean everything.

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