November 15, 2023

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR – part 2

by Alices Home
Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR part 2

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR – part 2

Alices Home
November 15, 2023
Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR part 2

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More properties are entering the Airbnb platform daily, resulting in competition and making smart marketing tactics crucial.  Standing out as a premier property in your location, as well as reaching as many different people as possible through effective marketing strategies is paramount.

In part 1, we looked at the importance of using marketing tactics in the first place, and then described various marketing strategies from social media marketing to email marketing strategies. In this blog, a continuation of part 1, we will consider other marketing strategies that may be suitable and achieve the desired result.

Paid Advertising and PPC Campaigns

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- PPC and Paid Ads

Some STR properties are advertised under a pay-per-click campaign.  This means the advertiser pays a pre-agreed amount each time someone clicks on their ad, whether or not they purchase from you. Because its costing money each time they click to find out more, you need to make sure that the clients are suited.

There is no point on them clicking on the beautiful image of your STR property, only to then find out its at the part of the world they aren’t going. Of course, the first part of the puzzle is making your advertisement attractive enough for people to click on in the first place.

Data-driven Marketing Insights

A smart way of formulating your marketing campaign is using data-driven marketing insights. The data is derived from customers and will help you formulate your strategy.

For example, the customer of this particular medium might mention they are mostly young families, so you would create an ad suited to them. 

You might also have an idea what to focus your ad toward because you will get to understand what they like. There are more complicated data to use if you decide this marketing approach is one you enjoy.

Managing Online Reviews and Case Studies

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR- case study and reviews

You would know that great reviews and testimonials are valuable for your business. The more you have, the more future customers understand and trust that booking with you is a great decision.

If you are still starting out, don’t be afraid to ask new clients for a review once they leave. And when they do, make sure you respond honestly.

If there is a negative review, respond quickly and promise you will make the situation right to the best of your ability. You may also write a case study (using identifying details with permission) for additional marketing strength.

Local SEO and targeting

Local SEO is effectively Search Engine Optimisation but within a geographical area. So, for example, you may determine that most of your customer base are located within 1000 kilometres.

Therefore, if someone searches your keywords, your listing or website is only visible if they live within your specific geographic area. Therefore, only those likely to purchase from you will view your website.

Guest Experience and Hospitality

Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for STR-guest experience and hospitality

Clearly if a guest has a great experience at your STR property, they will share it with their friends and there is no better tactic than word of mouth marketing.  This offers even more reason to be aware of your hospitality and the experience you are offering every time.

Measuring Success

Successful STR business owners use KPIs and other metrics to keep track of their marketing activity. Some KPIs you may wish to consider are return on investment: the bookings you have received from each marketing dollar spent, and where. You would also be interested to know how long you have to wait between the marketing tactic and conversation.  Which particular marketing tactics and what type of customer they attracted (eg family size, reason for travel, location of home, etc) is something else of use.

As the STR market grows tighter and competition more fierce, there is no need to be concerned, with a variety of marketing strategies at your fingertips. Start somewhere and get a feel for what works best for your property and budget. Good luck!

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